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gry space presents



exhibition pieces

by mia krystyna at rykn

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This body of work emerged out of the tension between function and form, destruction and creation, past and future, hardness and softness. The archetypal threads that run through all of our subconscious minds not only bind us to the process of survival, but to each other.

What   is   the   value   in   the   illusion   of   function  ?

Artifacts hold stories within them that teach
us about ourselves.

Each piece is made carefully from lead,
thread, and either ink or silver leaf, sewn
together in panels to create patterns of
vessels, and then pressed or hammered
into place. Minimal construction, minimal
decoration. Lead is a plentiful material with
both toxic and protective qualities, it folds
like leather but has the permanence of steel.


Mia   Krystyna   is   a   multidisciplinary   artist   based   in   Los   Angeles.

imagined artifacts_invite_090622.jpg

opening          reception

sep  20     6 – 10pm

kensho rykn

710 s. santa fe,

los angeles ca 90021

Curated cocktails by

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