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gry space presents

curated in partnership with namu home goods at rykn

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Opening Reception



date: july 26

location: kensho rykn

710 s. santa fe,

los angeles ca 90021

On View


date: july 26 to 31

location: kensho rykn

e-mail to

schedule a private viewing


On the Other Side of Fire

This exhibition explores the deeply personal journey of Namu Home Goods curator Diana Ryu, who in recent months, has been in
intensive therapy to modify her relationship with anger. Tellingly, in Hanja (a traditional Korean writing system), the symbol for fire and anger are interchangeable.

The presented artworks are carefully burned
woodworks by Korea-based artists Kim Gyu, Park Honggu, and Kim Min Wook. Under the methodical artistry of Namu Home Goods artists, these artworks not only survive fire, but are made stronger and more durable following the ancient process. The charred, deep black color of the artworks is witness to the meeting between fire and wood. We think this is a
human story. Is anger not the witness to the ways we have felt painfully unseen and unheard? The curated pieces in “On the Other Side of Fire” are physical representations of this emotional reconciliation – and represent a hope to emerge stronger and more durable, just as the artworks have.

Together, we invite the viewer to take pause.

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