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First Seating

5pm - 7:30pm

Second Seating

8pm - 10:30pm

1 - Sasami Wasabi Ume - Tenders with ume and wasabi topping

2 - Neck Shoulder Butt- Tare with Karashi Mustard

3 - Roppongi Hatsu -Tare with Shichimi

4 - Negima - Thigh with Skin and Tokyo Negi in Tare

5 - Zucchini - Brushed in Chicken Oil, Layu Chili Crisp

6 - Scallop -  Shio Koji Lemon

7 - Short Rib - Black Pepper Sesame Oil

8 - Tender AF - Thigh Oyster, Inner Thigh, Tail, Squid Ink Salt Lime

9 - Knee Cartilage Lollipop - Fatty Thigh, Cartilage, Tare Yuzu Kosho

10 - Skin Mizuna Salad - Hawaiian Sea Salt Lemon Ponzu

11 - ShisoMaki - Thigh trimmings Shiso wrap, Ume Paste, Dried Anchovies

12 - Wings - Split Wings lemon 

13 - Yakionigiri Soup - Grilled Riceball in Chicken and Dashi broth, Umeboshi, Bonito Flake, Shiso, Yuzu

14 - Strawberry Matcha Truffle - Chocolate, Matcha Powder Strawberry Dust

14 course



"I'm cooking up a 14 course omakase pop-up dinner at Kensho Ryokan, an upcoming Japanese inn inspired hotel and restaurant in Downtown LA Arts District. During the 2.5 hour intimate 10 person dinner, you will experience a variety of Yakitori grilled chicken skewers along with vegetable, seafood, and meat dishes. Each Yakitori is made using whole organic chicken broken down and skewered freshly the day of the dinner. The skewers are meticulously grilled over imported Binchotan charcoal. I will explain each dish as they are served to provide an informational Yakitori full bird experience. Sake to pair with Yakitori by Kanpai Kerry of world sake imports is available. Dinner concludes with a Yakionigiri chicken soup shime and dessert by Gemma Matsuyama Yamada. I'm looking forward to seeing the LA Yakigang there! - Yakitoriguy

Nov 21, 2021, 5:00 PM – 11:00 PM
Los Angeles,
710 S Santa Fe Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90021, USA


Vaccination or proof of negative test is required to attend, it is not required that attendees wear masks indoors with vaccination status. If you are feeling sick or were recently exposed to someone with COVID-19, please stay home.

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